New user basics

Set up teuthology

  1. Request access via the process described at:

  2. Log in to using the account that was created for you (NOT ‘ubuntu’)

  3. Clone teuthology:

    mkdir src
    cd src
    git clone
    cd teuthology
  4. [Optional] Add $HOME/src/teuthology/virtualenv/bin to your path.

  5. Verify it it working:

    teuthology-lock --summary
  6. Clone ceph-qa-suite:

    cd ~/src
    git clone

Lock an individual machine

Lock a machine. Optionally specify the OS type/version.:

teuthology-lock --lock-many 1 --machine-type mira | tee mine.yaml

Safely clean up and unlock a machine

  1. Get the bit of yaml for your machine, if you don’t already have it handy:

    teuthology-lock --list-targets | tee mine.yaml
  2. Nuke, remove, and unlock:

    teuthology-nuke -t mine.yaml -r -u

Run a job on a single machine

  1. Write a job file to a foo.yaml.

  2. Get a machine for it:

    teuthology-lock --lock-many NUM --machine-type mira >> foo.yaml
  3. Run the test:

    teuthology -v foo.yaml -a foo.yaml.out
  4. If it fails, clean up the machine and/or run output:

    teuthology-nuke -t foo.yaml
    rm -r foo.yaml.out

View the queue

  1. From the CLI:

    teuthology-queue -m multi
  2. From the web:

Submit a job to the queue

teuthology-schedule myjob.yaml -n myjob -m multi -N NUM

Schedule a test suite

  1. Schedule. Note that the kernel branch is optional (you can use whatever kernel happens to be installed on the machine).

    teuthology-suite -s SUITE -c CEPHBRANCH [-k KERNELBRANCH]

    Part of the output will be the run name, something like:


    Or, to find results from a previous run,:

    ls /a/ | grep $USER
  2. View results:

    cd /a/RUNNAME