Sepia – Notes on the test lab for the Ceph project

Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system that operates on a large number of hosts connected by a TCP/IP network.

Sepia is the name we gave to our pool of test machines. It happens to be both a color and a genus of cuttlefish. When we have different kinds of hardware in the sepia pool, we name them after individual species in the sepia genus, for example sepia plana.

A useful reference for such things is

This repository contains notes on managing and using the “Sepia” lab of test machines, used by the Ceph project. It is managed as a Sphinx document tree and stored in a Git repository, to provide a combination of easy editability, searchability and developer friendliness.

The target audience for this documentation is administrators; people managing the sepia machines. If all you need is to access the machines, you probably don’t need to know any of this.

While the Sepia machines are not publicly accessible, we hope to share tools & knowledge with the greater community. If you are an independent developer working on Ceph or related projects – such as Ceph integration to OpenStack – do contact us and we might be able to give you access to the hardware resources of the sepia lab. Or an offer of employment ;)