Notes creating gitbuilder-ceph-rpm-fedora22-amd64-basicΒΆ

These are the steps I took to create a fedora 22 builder. YMMV for other distros.

Some/most of this should be automated in the fabfile... except that we likely want to replace that with some other tool that also/instead does jenkins builders, so I’m not inclined to invest in adding it right now.

  1. meta file:

cat > meta-data downburst:

disk-size: 40G cpus: 4 ram: 16G distro: fedora distroversion: “22” arch: x86_64 networks:

  • source: front
  1. user file:
cat > user-data user: ubuntu
  1. downburst it:
git clone git:// cd downburst ./bootstrap sudo virtualenv/bin/downburst -v create –user-data user-data –meta-data meta-data gitbuilder-ceph-rpm-fedora22-amd64-basic
  1. connect:
  1. install ssh keys (be sure to include ubuntu@teuthology):
cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys ...
  1. install redhat-lsb:
sudo dnf install -y redhat-lsb
  1. make sure ‘wheel’ group doesn’t need a password for sudo, like so:
  1. disable selinux (set SELINUX=disabled):
sudo vi /etc/selinux/config sudo reboot
  1. add autobuild-ceph user to group wheel:
sudo vi /etc/group
  1. add gitbuilder to list at the top
  2. run fab. ensure you have gnupg *.gpg and rsync-key[.pub] in your autobuild-ceph checkout:
  1. set up lighttpd:
  1. set up junit4.jar symlink:
sudo ln -s junit.jar /usr/share/java/junit4.jar